So me and my friend headed up to London one Friday and decided to go to Nail’d It, its a really Instagramable nail bar dotted all over London. Known for being extremely pink and full of flowers.
I did need my nails done and was thinking of getting gels with extensions but after looking at the price list realised I wasn’t willing to pay that much! 

We rang ahead of time to book us in and decided on Marylebone salon after speaking to a really rude lady based in the Oxford Street nail bar. 
We both booked in for signature rose petal manicure with gels. Totally cost of £40 which is the most I’ve ever spent on my nails! 

Signature Rose Petal Manicure

So basically the rose petal manicure was really lovely, our hands felt so soft afterwards and our nails looked gorgeous but for £40 I wouldn’t go back for that treatment

Once we arrived, we were given two trays full of colours to choose from there was so many including glitters and holographic colours. 

Basically, it started with collagen gloves which were amazing (they did take all my fake tan off though) then one hand is put into a bowl of warm water that has pink rose petals in, looks really cute. While each hand is in the bowl they begin to work on the shape of your nails. Mine where very short as the kept on breaking with being anaemic so this didn’t take long.
Then they start on the cuticles, which they take completely off. Where I normally get my nails done she just pushes them back but here they were taken right off. She did actually cut me a little while doing this, I didn’t feel anything just saw my finger was bleeding a bit. She was very apologetic but as it didn’t hurt I wasn’t bothered.

Once they have done the cuticles they moved on to the gel polish. This was just like everywhere.

Then you get a little hand massage which was really good and lasted quite a while I can imagine they rush that bit when the shop is busy. This helped rub in all the oils from the collagen gloves, the gloves are then taken off and oil is put on to the nails.

The ladies were really friendly and the salon was so beautiful, just picture perfect. I can imagine it gets very busy on the weekends and you would have to book in advance.

Its quite a small little shop but they have done well with the layout. 
There is a little open reception area when you first walk in and they have a cute pink tree next to the desk. Straight in front is a few seats for pedicures and on the opposite wall, they have all the nail colours on display. Both walls have false flowers added and its all rose gold.
Up a little step is three manicure seats where me and my friend sat was perfect for a chat while being pampering. 

Then downstairs is wwhere the bath full of flowers is! Its so pretty and pink. You can also get in the bath! Me and my friend Charlotte spent a while taking lots of photos down there, it was very empty so we took the most out of it. There is more manicure & pedicure stations down there so I can imagine if you go when its busy you might find it harder to take phoros. 

Over all I would say it was really good, I wouldnt go to this one again but maybe another one just to take photos! It was really good for instagram content !!

Thank you so much for reading!


Love Bexxs xx

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