This month has been quite crazy as I started the month sick and now it’s near the end again I am sick again! Most of my favourites this month are mostly beauty items or food as I’ve been mostly at home this month

Nescafe gingerbread latte

I am literally in love with these gingerbread lattes! So quick and easy to make and tastes just like Starbucks! Plus they are GF. You don’t need any special machine just have to add hot water and stir.
This is a seasonal edition, so very soon they will stop being in stock 🙁 I am going to stock up to try and keep me covered till I find a new favourite latte.
I normally have my latte as a morning pick me up as I have been diagnosed with anaemia this helps to just add a little bit of energy. 

Bondi sands liquid gold

Next up I have been loving this fake tan! 
I am quite pale and do catch the sun and tan in the summer, but being in the UK the sun hardly comes out. I have struggled to find a fake tan that looks natural and doesn’t smell or turn patchy. 
I have tried all different brands but now that I am cruelty-free I needed to find a new one. 
I researched loads and found Bondi sands, I have used a foam wash off tan by them before but found with waiting for it to develop (normally overnight) I would get fake tan marks everywhere!
This is an oil based fake tan and goes on clear, smells of coconuts and it drys so quickly.

I wasn’t sure how this would work but it came out amazing, looked so natural and none came off on my bed sheets! Seriously never going to try another fake tan

Lush Bath bomb - Peach

I am such a bath person, I love to lay down and relax with a book or catch up on Eastenders while I soak away. So I’ve always loved bath bombs but sometimes they can be so expensive! 
But lush brought out some new items for their valentines day collection and I already loved the peach emoji. But after seeing in lush the smell and it in a small bowl of water. I had to get it! Then I realised it was only £3.95 compared to most bath bombs they sell which are normally around £4-£6. They are still selling them now so I’m defiantly going to pop into lush and get me another one.

Asda Potato Loops

Having celiac disease means there is so much food I crave and when I see someone eating it, I get so jealous cause I know they aren’t loving every bite as much as they should 😇 I feel mean for saying it but its true!!
One of these foods was hola hoops!
Then I saw these in Asda for only £1 its a massive bag so can’t really have them in a packed lunch but perfect for a movie night in with friends or just to pig out.They only have ready salted but its better than none. Not gonna lie I ate the whole bag one sunday! 
My brother who isnt GF had some and said they were better than hola hoops. WINNING!!

Thats it for this month, Ive really been a home body and quite boring this month. May add some more in the last week.

Thankyou so much for reading!! What are your favourites this month?

Love Bexxs xx

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