I found it so hard to find where people bought mugs/bottles for vinyl unless it was in bulk and for around a hundred pounds. I understand if you have loads of orders daily but when you are starting an Etsy shop you don’t want that many just sitting around! 
So I’m going to share with you where I get my main bottles and mugs from and any problems I have had with them. 

Mugs – The most annoying thing about mugs is I found they always would have the shop brand stamped on the bottom! Finding a plain white blank mug that didn’t look cheap was so hard, searching online was getting me nowhere. I spent so long looking it started to drive me crazy!
It’s much better to look in person for mugs I found Asda, Sainsbury’s and Wilkos the best and for cheap as well. Asda sometimes has things in store that you can’t buy online so bear that in mind if you buy from there. 
But now I found the perfect white mug it looks so elegant and expensive and its only from Wilko for £2.50 – Shop Here. Plus there is no branding on it at all! 


Bottles – Bottles are one of my most sold items! 
During the summer I searched ages to find the Love Island bottles, I managed to find them in my local B&M Store, it’s worth ringing them first to make sure they have them in stock.

Here is a list of the bottles I use plus the links

  • Adults bottle with fruit infuser – Wilko – £2.50 – Shop Here.
  • Children’s bottle with straw – Asda – £2.50 – Shop Here.
  • Fask / travel bottle – Wilko – £5.00 – Shop Here.
  • Tumbler long with straw – Ebay – £4.59 – Shop Here.
  • Tumbler short with straw – Drink Stuff – £7.99(pack of two) – Shop Here.
  • Love Island bottles – B&M – £2.99 (In Store Online) – Shop Here.
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler – Ebay – £9.70 – Shop Here.


Glasses – I buy all my glasses from Wilko, It’s so cheap as well as being really good quality. They have a selection they only sell in the store which includes beer glasses, wine glasses and normal drinking glasses short and long. 
My most used items you can buy online I will list below.

  • Shot Glasses (Pack of six) – £3 – Shop Here.
  • Champagne Flutes (Pack of four) – £5 – Shop Here.
  • Milk Bottles (Pack of six) -£6 – Shop Here.
  • Wine Glasses  (Pack of four) – £6 – Shop Here.


I hope this list helped you find items to decorate with vinyl and you can get uour craft on! Any questions please message me 🙂

Love Bexxs ❤

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  1. Lacey
    May 29, 2020 / 1:37 pm

    I have just discovered your page and have found it so helpful already, thank you so much! Keep up the good work xxx

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