I am now a massive fan of my own company but not too long ago, I would feel extremely lonely most of the time. I would compare my life to everyone on social media and feel like people were always busy enjoying life and I felt I was missing out. I would hate the weekends because I would just think of all the things I wasn’t doing. Then after a breakup, I felt alone again because I had got so used to someone being around most of the times.
Feeling alone is a horrible feeling and I have now learnt how to keep busy if I start to feel lonely so here is my list of ten things I recommend.

Volunteer – There are so many volunteer options you can choose from, maybe you want to help with animals or collect money for a local charity. It’s such an amazing way to spend your time.

Exercise Class – Have a look to see if there are any exercise classes near you (Mostly they are pay as go, so you don’t have to sign up to anything) I use to get so embarrassed going to a class by myself but there are so many others there alone, and once the class starts you only need to think about yourself. Plus trust me nobody is thinking anything about you being there by yourself.
This website has all the classes near you –

Pamper yourself – Why not spend a day just on you. Run yourself a bath, drop in a bath bomb put some music on and relax or sing your heart out. Get yourself a face mask or make one at home, put on your fav movie, grab yourself some snacks and just chill out. Maybe try out a new hairstyle while listing to a podcast.

Organise – When I feel really crappy and like I haven’t got anything planned I decided to organise a room in my house. This will keep you busy and give you a task to do, I love going through my makeup and making sure everything is in its place, clean and in date. Or going through your wardrobe and sorting it into colours or categories,.

Learn something new – Spending time alone is the perfect time to learn a new skill or find something you love or are passionate about. You can find classes near you to learn everything from a new language to karate.We are so lucky to have the internet as we have so much information to access and ways of learning! You can find online classes on Wowcher and Groupon. They are normally around £20.

Reach Out First – Ring a family member or text that old friend you haven’t seen for a while. Ask them if they fancy getting lunch one day next week. Maybe pop over to your grandparents for a cup of tea. Just because right now you feel lonely doesn’t mean people don’t want to spend time with you. Plan something for next week or even next month maybe just a games night in or a trip to the cinema. You will feel less alone when you know you have something coming up

Start a blog – The whole reason I started blogging was to have something more to do, I love having somewhere to put my ideas and thoughts and you can spend so much time blogging and can meet some amazing people!

Read a book – Head to your local library and start a new book or re-read your favourite. I love crime and mystery stories, if you find a good book you won’t want to put it down and next thing you know the whole day has flown by. You can always go to the park and sit and read (depending on the weather) or a coffee shop. 

Book an appointment – When a long weekend is coming up and I have no plans I normally book an appointment at my salon to have my nails or eyelashes done. Beauticians are so friendly and chatty, maybe you have always wanted to have a makeup trial or a facial. Book yourself in for the treatment and spend some time chatting to someone new while you get your treatment

Get out the house – Go for a walk maybe find a country park and follow the walking track. Do a bit of window shopping, try on clothes you wouldn’t normally. Pop into a coffee shop and just people watch. Go for a drive and listen to some upbeat music.

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