Weekly Etsy Tips

Its so hard starting a small business and it can feel very upsetting when you aren’t selling. Maybe it’s getting your first order or getting to a dry spell, it can be really hard to keep feeling motivated if you aren’t feeling you are getting anywhere.

Each week I make sure I do these things. (defo in the beginning or during a quiet time)

  • Tags – Check all tags are being used, and are relevant for the time of you. Like a lot of my listings have stocking fillers in the tags as it’s near Christmas. But after Christmas, I will have to change them for more relevant tags. Keeping up to date tags is really important !! Tags help your items get seen on the search page and learning about them really made the difference to my Etsy shop ( I’ll do a post just on tags very soon)
  • Photos – If an item isn’t getting as many views as others, I play about with the main photo. I might crop it down so its more zoomed in or swap it and see how a different photo does for a week or two as the main image.
    I’ll try and add more images, it’s so hard to use up all the image slots. Its good idea to ask customers if you can use their images as well as your own, make sure you always ask before using them!
  • Stock – Make sure all the items you have in stock are accurate, and up to date. Definitely, if you sell to family/friends or somewhere else and not just Etsy.
  • Etsy Teams – I love the Etsy teams! If you haven’t heard of them it’s basically a group on Etsy that help you with your growth. Join groups that apply to you, some are open to join and others you apply for.
    Each group has open discussions and have rules. The ones I normally use are the favs for favs, basically, you post one of your items (whatever the rules are) and then you have to fav peoples items before you. It helps gets your products noticed in the search page as you will get extra favs on that item.
    You can use these teams for advice and feedback on your listings as well, it’s really helpful to learn more and help out other small businesses.

    Hope this helps my fellow Etsy people out there


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