I have my fair collection of eyeshadow palettes and they are one of my guilty pleasures. I normally use about 3 shades in them but if they look pretty and sparkling I want them (such a sucker for a cute packaging)
I thought I’d come up with a list of my favs and what I love about them and which colours are my go to.


Too Faced

BEST EYESHADOWS EVER!!! I purchased my very first high-end brand of eyeshadow when I was about 20 and it was the too faced chocolate palette. Since then I have been in love with this brand. It’s hard to get hold of new items straight away as they aren’t normally available in the UK when they launch. But saying that now there is a Too Faced store in Bluewater which is about 20 minutes away from me, which I’m so thrilled about!
Sweet Peach Palette

Smells so amazing! With loads of dark autumn/winter feeling colours. I mostly use this for a casual everyday look, it’s ideal if you are going out for cocktails after work.

I use the shade Georgia all over my eye and add the shade Puree or Summer Yum to my crease and my bottom lash line and blend them both in. To highlight my eyes I use either Bellini (pink based) Luscious (light gold) or Cobbler (brown copper). 2302801

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Such a perfect gift for a makeup lover! Smells delicious of course but also has natural colours and one bright purple shade for experimenting with new colours. I’ve gifted this maybe 3 times 🤔 Everyone loved it, blends so well and the shade Peanut Brittle is to die for. I love using that shade for a night out when I can go all out or on holiday for the evening.
Jelly is great for festivals too!!



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