I love Netflix, I watch so much of it! I love to have something on when I’m getting ready, or while I’m painting or just to chill in the evening and I actually don’t know what I use to do without Netflix. I really make the most of my subscription, I actually pay for my own Netflix and my brother has a user which we constantly change each other pictures on, but he has now TV so we kinda even out with the price for it.
I have seen quite a few of the Netflix originals and I love to watch back to back episodes till 3am and then questioning my life choices afterwards.


  1. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like this. If you haven’t seen it what are you doing with your life? Watch it now!!
  2. BLACK MIRROR – I love how each episode is different but all about technology and when they finish you are questioning so much.
  3. THE GOOD PLACE – The twist in this really got me and I loved it!
  4. GIRL BOSS – Just an easy watch full of girl power!
  5. INSATIABLE – There was so much backlash with this series but I loved the fact it wasn’t like a normal teen movie when the main character suddenly becomes so-called pretty and the best friend ends up hating them and the same old… It was really funny but also serious and I loved every second of it! If you weren’t sure because of people saying it was fat shaming. I would give it a go and see what you think. Personally, I find it was more open being a female who is classed as overweight for my height I didn’t feel any pressure when watching about my size/looks or anything when normally I do when I watch other high school TV series or films.
  6. RIVERDALE – Mystery after mystery and you kinda fall in love with each main character.
  7. SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS – I love the books and film of this so I am so happy there is a series now. I watch this with my family and its so funny, entertaining and easy family watch with no awkward sex sense. Which is the worst when you are in a room with your parents!
  8. SANTA CLARITA DIET – This is so funny and zombie based but not the normal apocalypse type of zombie a more living normal life and coming across problems after problems in a hilarious way.
  9.  13 REASONS WHY – This touches on so many subjects that aren’t spoken about. I read somewhere that when filming they kept the cameras running long enough in uncomfortable scenes to show that these things need to be spoken about and to know they happen in the real world. Its a hard watch at times and is a crying and shocking series as it addresses issues that are hard to hear/watch.
  10. GLITCH – This is an Australian series and I just couldn’t stop watching. It’s about people who come back from the dead but aren’t zombies. Its hard to explain but if you want something interesting and to watch in one go, this is it. I watched it in one weekend!

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