This month has been mostly full of working on Etsy, doing up my office and treating myself to a lot of things from clothes to make up. This is the strangest love list with all different things from storage to dresses, not the most organised thing but its actually so hard to think of things you have loved in a month, so I have kinda gone for things I am obsessed with. Honestly, this may show how all over the place my life is. Welcome to the all over the place August of my life.

  • Kendall and Kylie mobile game – I am literally in love with this game right now!! I go through stages with games of being in love with them so much for a few weeks and then I go of them. Right now my game of choice is this one, its a sort of a become famous game. You start doing vlogs and photoshoots and work your way up the social media ladder, you meet Kendall and Kylie and become besties!! At the moment I have an enemy called Aubrey Maddison and shes basically a queen bee bitch! My aim is to be more famous than her which is making me more obsessed with the game. I don’t think I can stop playing until I have done that!!!
    If you love the Kardashians like me or enjoy simulation kind of games this is for you. It’s just like Kim’s games but with new people and different clothing.

  • Wilko storage baskets – I have had a massive sort out of my office. It’s pretty tiny, and when I say tiny I mean just to be able to walk in and stand in one space and that’s it tiny, and it needs to be organised to make the most of the space. I need things able to grab quickly but out of the way as well. I have been looking at storage ideas for so long before I actually decided on these baskets. I think they are really cute and in a cream colour, so helps make my room look bigger. I keep my Etsy items in them like my baby grows, t-shirts, photo probs and packaging bits. Literally, anything I can have in a basket is in a basket,  I first bought 1 basket and now I have 8! Opppsss. Which is why I’ve put them on my fav list! They come in different sizes and colours.

  • Tripod – Only recently got this to up my photo game. I wanna learn how to pose better in photos, find my angles and live life on Instagram as well as get better photos of my products without having a shaky hand all the time and having to put the phone down whenever I want to move something slightly. I use mostly flat lays of my products.
    I only have my iPhone so I needed an iPhone one and I didn’t want to pay over £10 for it! So I went to eBay and next thing I had a tripod and apart from it having no instructions and me breaking a part of it straight away (It still works) It works perfectly! Having practised my Insta poses yet but I have taken a lot of product photos.

  • Boohoo Lemon Dress – I wore this dress to one of my besties boyfriends BBQ, I really didn’t think it would look good on my body type and it was just a pray and hit buy kind of dress. It did have off the shoulder sleeves but it wasn’t connected to the dress just held on by a few stitches to the side of the dress and they were so tight it was cutting the blood to my arms. The rest fitted perfect so I just cut the weird arm sleeves off and then it became my favourite dress and it has lemons on it, making me feel like Beyonce, maybe another reason I love this dress. I didn’t take any photos at the BBQ so I’m gonna re-wear it either this weekend or next (If the weather is okay, fingers crossed)

  • Magic Cool Plus – HEAVEN SENT!!!! If you are like me and literally get sooo hot at night even in the winter and when the summer is here you just want to pull your skin off and you get basically no sleep and become a complete grump. You need to get this, how it works I don’t know but you just spray it on to your body and you become cool so much you can get goosebumps. Honestly, I think it is magic!!  I use this all year round tbh, but the summer months are a must defo for the night time and if you get heat rash.

  • Veggie Sticks – I was in Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago when I was walking to the tills I happened to walk through the baby and toddler section, when I saw the words GLUTEN FREE and I immediately had to stop as a Celiac and investigate what this was. I then spent the next 20 minutes just admiring all the new gluten-free snacks I had on offer and ended up buying a few including these veggie sticks. They are just like crisps but different veg flavourings, I can’t get over how much I love them! My mum has now added them to our weekly shop! I have them as an I’m not hungry but I’m watching telly and feel like I need food kind of snack. Cause they are made for toddlers they aren’t packed with junk and are much better than normal crisps.

That’s all I can really think of that I love this month, I will try and have it a little more organised next month and make notes of things I love instead of just starting typing and having to just think of the top of my head!!

Love Becca xx

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