When I had to start eating gluten free there weren’t any pizzas around! It was so upsetting and then pizza hut were the first ones to start and I would have it more often than I should of. Just was so nice to have a pizza that wasn’t home cooked! The only problem was no sides so my boyfriend at the time would drive to pick me up McDonald’s chips so I could have pizza and sides 😂
Now gluten free pizza’s are everywhere! You can cook them at home, have them in a restaurant or have one delivery. If you are a celiac you will totally understand why this is amazing, if not just imagine smelling pizza and never being able to take a bite. Trust me it was horrible!

Home Cooked.

I love cooking my own pizza, I buy the base and then just add the toppings I want. So simple and quick! It only takes 12-15 minutes in the oven depending on how crunchy you like the crusts. I use is ‘Schar gluten free pizza bases’ it comes with 2 bases and is normally around £3.
It’s an Italian brand, me and my friends were able to get it while we were over there for our dinner one night.


Dominos – I love being able to order a pizza from here and they are so yummy! People say they don’t notice the difference. Make sure you double check each time that the toppings you are picking are GF. They change it now and again. It also comes not cut so make sure you have a pizza cutter at the ready!
The only issue I have is there are only two sides you can have nachos and salad! You can only get a small gluten-free pizza and you aren’t allowed to swap it in with a deal. Like if they have a buy any large pizza and get one free, they won’t swap the large pizza for a small GF one even when you are willing to pay the price of the large! This irritates me a lot, most of the time its cheaper to buy a small pizza deal that comes with a drink and either garlic bread or wedges. Which both you cant have but you save a lot of money. Just annoys me that they don’t allow you to swap things due to allergies.

Pizza Hut – I haven’t had a pizza from here for so long, I am not close to getting one delivered so I can’t tell you much about this. I do know that it was really nice and comes in a square shape and you have to cut it yourself.

Eating Out

Pizza Express – DELICIOUS !! All the pizzas can be made on a gluten-free base and it looks just like a normal pizza. Its a bit thinner but that’s the only difference. Tastes amazing and there are so many gluten-free options here! If it’s your first time getting pizza after going gluten-free I recommend going to pizza express!
Plus they now have GF dough balls!!!

Let me know if there’s anywhere you get a pizza from that I should try?

Love Becca xxx

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