Im in a group on Facebook for etsy sellers and the other day someone posted on there ‘somebody just asked me where I get my packaging from because they liked my boxes but I dont want to tell them and them copy me’ Something along these lines. I was quite shocked at how many people agreed to not tell them.
I dont really understand how the same box would be copying… do you?

I will do another post on how I package my products. But this is just where I buy everything from.


I like to use pizza style boxes, saves so much on tape and I personally prefer them. At the moment I use white boxes, just think they look better than brown tbh

I buy my boxes from Kite Packaging, they come in a bundle of 50 minimum and does work out alot cheaper. Im working out which sizes are best for me and they do so many ! Only problem with the 50 minimum is if you just wanna try out a box you cant. But if you message correctly it should be okay.
I find they delivery so quickly and are flat pack so can easily be stored in the back of a wardrobe if you dont have the space for them.

I have also tried Lil packaging I bought boxes with the peel and stick tabs but they werent strong enough to keep the lid down and I was ending up taping them down as well. Which was pointless. They do have pizza style boxes as well but I couldnt find the size I wanted in the white. Lil packaging doesnt have a minimum buy so you can try out different styles and they do have plenty to choose from. Its free delivery for over £25 but the boxes are more pricey than Kite Packaging.

Jiffy Bags

Ive bought these from all over the place! I find them so helpful for my baby grows, I use to send them in a box but it was costing more on postage so now I have changed to jiffy bags for most of my items.

Again I buy bulk from Kite Packaging – They come with a peel and stick tab

Ive also bought bags from Poundland and Wilko.
They both were as good, but buying in bulk is cheaper but if you quickly need some or not many then I would say Poundland is the cheapest and the same quality.

Tissue Paper

I wrap my items in tissue paper, when I started I use to just use old tissue paper I had from when I was at school, and tissue paper I received in a beauty subscription box. To save some money and to upcycle. This isnt a must item! I just find it really love how mine look in tissue paper.
You can get any kind of tissue paper from any craft store or supermarket.

I buy seasonal tissue paper from the card factory, I got lovely valentines themed in February I think it had 10 sheets, 5 of each design and it was only 99p. I didnt need it for long and I do still have some left over for next year.

Amazon – I now use this black and white striped tissue paper, comes in a pack of 30 and is strong and looks really posh! Its only £9.99 and is on prime. They also do a gold striped version. Shop Here

Address Labels 

I use click and drop (royal mail) to post my orders. Which means I pre pay online and print out my labels at home.

Priory Direct – These labels fit perfectly for click and drop – Shop Here
They sell all different sized labels and also you can get free testers to see which you like the best!

I think this is everything that I use packaging wise. I do put in care instructions if they are needed and I always write a little note to the buyer but I will go more into that in another post. Hopefully this helps and you can get an idea of where to try

Love Becca


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