There is so many foods that I miss, mostly donuts! But I have found a good collection of snacks that I love and have become my favs!

Hopefully this can help someone find some new snacks for when they fancy pigging out!

1. Asdas Gluten Free Apple Pies – These are quite new, I was soooo happy when I came across them! Apple pies were one of the things I really missed after being diagnosed so finding these was perfect for me!

2. Kiddylicous Veggie Straws – This is a toddler snack brand. I literally love these veggie sticks, they come in small packs of 12g and is such a good little snack instead of having crisps.

3. Nakd Bakewell Tart Bar – These are expensive but really healthy and yummy! Perfect to just pop in your bag when you are going somewhere you wont be sure what and when you can eat, fills you up so much for a small little bar.

4. Butterkist Microwave Popcorn – I LOVE THAT POPCORN IS GLUTEN FREE! I’ve always loved having popcorn when I watch a film and this is the best brand.

5. Asda Choco Snaps Cereal – Tastes just like Coco Pops but gluten free! Yes I have cereal as a snack, honestly try it!

6. Yoomoo Frozen Yogurt Lollies – Its been so hot recently and my go to snacks have been these! Strawberry is my fav so yummy!

7. M&S Percy Pigs – So many supermarket brands have gluten free sweets but Percy pigs are just amazing and I know they are gluten free so saves me all the label reading

8. Cadburys Twirl Bites – Chocolate is my weakness and even though not all Cadburys chocolate is gluten free (boo!!) I am sooo grateful these are! If I could Id eat them ever day

9. Schär Pretzels – One word AMAZING!!!

10. Borough 22 Doughnuts – I’ve left this to last because its the best! I have only had these doughnuts twice but seriously doughnuts are the food I miss the most so eating this makes me feel like I am in heaven! I will do a whole post on them next time I order because they are the best thing EVER

If you arent coeliac this post might seem a bit crazy for you, but to all my fellow coeliacs you totally understand. Is there any GF snacks you love that I need to try, please let me know!

Love Becca xx


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