Everyone makes mistakes but its makes such a difference when its your own business and brand name. I have learnt from each one I have made and now I know they wont happen again! Im gonna share with you the first few mistakes I have made, to hopefully help someone if they have done one and doesnt know what to do, or to stop them happening all together.


This was so stressful, when I got home and realised I had put the complete wrong address on one of my orders and had dropped it to the post office! I had no clue what to do and sort of sat for ages thinking what do I do!!
I was extremly lucky and it was before the last post by about 10 minutes, I phoned the post office and they put that parcel aside so I could come in with the new label. So I flew down the road with a new label and was just was able to stick it over the top.
Only problem then was it I had paid for two lots of post as I prepay them online. I was so glad that I had noticed when I did!
If this has happened to you, ring the post office and explain hopefully the post hasnt already been collected. If it has you will have to message the customer, explain the situation and ask if they would mind return the parcel to you and give them the money. Most people are really understanding and wont mind.
Make sure you do get the right order to both partys as soon as possible though and maybe give them a voucher for money off as a way to say sorry.

To stop this happening again, I now write the customers name on the parcel when I am packaging it up and also add if its being sent first class.


This only happened the other day and I cant describe the feeling I got in my stomach when I read the message saying I had put the wrong name on the baby grow and could I have the right one get there before next Saturday. To make matters worse she was in the USA! I saw the message just before going to bed, so I was freaking out about how I could get a baby grow finished and delivery in time.
I worked out that the delivery would make it in time unless it was pulled at customs which I have no control over. So I decided I would refund the delivery charge and was willing to refund the whole item if the baby grow didn’t arrive in time for the baby shower that was on the Saturday. I was once again lucky and she was so lovely and kind about the problem.
Im still waiting to see if it arrives on time, so fingers crossed!

I will now always double check each order twice, to make sure I’ve spelt the names correctly!

Thats it for now, Ive had little problems like a handpainted item not being completely straight and having to redo one. But nothing major. If anything else happens Ill be add to this post and hopefully help someone out

Love Becca xx

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