1.  Los Angeles – I’ve wanted to go here for so long! Hopefully one day Ill have enough money to spend a long time exploring and hopefully seeing a Kardashian in the flesh!

  2.  Jamaica – Would be my dream honeymoon destination. Just gotta find that hubby!

  3.  Amsterdam – Planning to go here with two of my bestfriends! So excited

  4.  Rome – DONE!

  5.  Disney World – I love everything Disney, and believe I am a long lost princess so to go here is a must for me!

  6.  Malta – Such a beautiful country !

  7.  Rabbit Island – This is what I think my heaven would be like. Just want to lay and have bunnies jump all over me.

  8.  Greek Islands – Looks so beautiful, I defiantly would love to volunteer in Greece.

  9.  Dublin – Just to say I have been really, and have a little dance!

  10.  New York – I think my anxiety would hate it here, but hopefully one day I can visit over Christmas. It looks so magical


Where is somewhere you’d love to go?

Love Becca xx

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