These apps have really helped me with the social media side of running a business, its such a powerful tool and with some helpful apps its much easier to keep in the know and have everything updated. I use all of these on a regular, so hopefully they will help you out as well!





This schedules posts for Instagram! I’ve only started using it and have already found it so useful.
If you are anything like me you have days when you have new fresh photos and want to post your insta heart out, but you posting too much is worse than too little for a small business. You don’t want to fill someones feed up and then get unfollowed 🙁
This is why I love later. I just upload the photo I want and write the caption then pick the date and time I want to post. That’s literally it, its so simple and so useful to keep regular posts following.





This is another Instagram helper, this tracks your followers. I find this best for going through and being able to unfollow them people who just follow to unfollow.  Which I find so annoying!!
It also shows who is following you, if you have been blocked or comments and likes deleted. I find its good for keeping a eye out for your real supporters, defo if you do giveaways!
Plus you can view your most popular posts and so much other stuff, like who comments the most on your posts. I like to make sure I give love back to them people!





I am rubbish at thinking of hashtags to use in my posts most of the time!

This app helps find tags either from a photograph or a word. I find the word option is much better as the photograph option sometimes doesn’t know what the photo is! Other times its perfect but sometimes you upload a photo of a cake and it gives you one direction tags. (no clue why)

But the text tag helped me find the best etsy shop tags.





I use this every time I price up a new product or when prices of my stock change. All you have to do is work out the cost of your materials, work out how long it takes to make, your hourly wage and how much retail profit you want to make from the item.  That’s literally it! It will work out retail price and wholesale and show the profit you will make per item.

I sometimes do discounts for lots of products bought, I get orders for quite a few makeup bags for bridal party’s so I use the wholesale price for them discounts! So much easier.




What do you all think, are there any apps Im missing out on. What are your must have apps?

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