Keeping your orders all together is so important, I have my Etsy orders online but I prefer to have papers in front of me as well. I love lists as well, I basically have lists for all occasions!

My Order Folder

I organise this folder like its such a system! I separate each section with a divider and recently I had to buy an even bigger file as my order count suddenly increased and soon I will need a new folder for very old orders! yaaaay
Here’s how its organised

  • At the front, I have my custom order forms for family & friend orders
  • New and working on orders
  • Orders finished and needed to be packaged
  • Ready to post orders
  • Past orders with proof of postage
  • Customer order form copy

I find this sooooo useful to be able to see what needs to be done and see what I have completed in the day

Etsy Orders

I print out each order along with the customers and to put into my order folder. I have recently started highlighting the date it needs to be shipped so it’s easy to keep an eye on what needs to be done first. So helpful if items have different turn around times. I then go through each order moving it to each section of my folder until I have posted it off. I keep the customers copy in a plastic sheet to make sure it’s not crumpled or messy and then just pop it in when I am packaging and can then double check the shipping and correct items are in the box.

Family & Friend Orders

I created my own order form for this, I will put a download at the end if you want to use it. I keep these in the folder also but I only use one and don’t have a customer copy. As this is more casual and I always do them with a discount!

Proof Of Postage Receipts

I use the post office to send all my parcels, through their click and drop system. I keep all proof of postage and staple them onto the order form. This shows tracking as well as a safety net if the parcel doesn’t make it to the customer and also helps with working out your costs. So I really think keeping these receipts is a good idea.

To do / shopping lists

I keep a to-do list of things I need to do like add more photos to a listing, or change shipping profile for certain items. This is more a list of things to do when I can and do not forget that they need doing. My shopping lists are full of things I need for orders and when I’ve run out of stock.
I normally order most online so I always tick them off when I’ve ordered and then cross them out once they have arrived. In the past, I had times when I ordered lots of different things in one day and didn’t realise when things hadn’t arrived till too late!

Monthly calendar

I add on here mostly weekend events so I know the weekends I can’t work. Any bank holidays or special events coming up so I can either sort out related products or a discount code or just add a post about that day on my social media.
Every month I dedicate one week to create new products or at least come up with new ideas, as well as working through my orders. I like seeing when I have picked to do that so the week before I can work my little butt off to get everything I can done so I can design and think about what I would like in my shop.

Order form
I am defiantly and a visual person who needs everything on paper and in front of me to feel organised. It’s so good to find a way that suits you cause to me there is nothing worse than when you have no clue what you are meant to be doing and your brain is in a complete mess of different things!


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