One day I hope that everyone is gluten free just for the socializing part of eating. Its hard to explain to someone who doesnt suffer from an intolerance or allergy,  how stressful eating out can get. One reason I hate my coeliac is the explaining to people and feeling like I am kicking up a fuss. Definitely if you are at someones house.

So a BBQ can become such a hard event to attend for us coeliac! I dont want anyone to miss out on making memories and enjoying your own food at summer BBQs!

After 6 years of being diagnosed Im going to share some of my advice


Want to have the full experience, but the BBQ isnt gluten free.

Take your own disposable BBQ you can get them for £2-£5 and be your own little chef. Or take some foil and have your gluten free food cooked on that! Just make sure other utensils are being used. If you are thinking of the foil method, you have to be prepared to get all up in their grill! literally, its so easy to make mistakes! Just start some small talk if you feel uncomfortable, talk about their garden, house or anything that will get them talking! This way you can keep an eye on your food. This is for your health and explaining that will also help.


The best thing about BBQ is clearly the food of course, and the best thing is there is loads of naturally gluten free foods to pick from!!

  • Corn on the cob
  • Halloumi
  • Handmade salads
  • Chicken with no coating
  • Handmade burgers
  • Veggies


Craving BBQ food then just be the host. Make your burgers from scratch its so simple!

Or just buy gluten free from the supermarket or butchers. Remember to check the shop brand for ingredients before going straight for the GF section. You can save yourself alot!!


This is one of the hardest things to do but you can do it! Days before the bbq, speak to the person who’s invited you. Just explain you have a intolerance and wont be able to have the food from the BBQ, and will you be able to use their cooker/microwave for heating up your food. Depending how well you know them on which one you ask to use. I always cook my food before hand and then just heat it up in either one.

Any kind person will say yes! If they say no, you dont want to be at the BBQ anyway!

They may even ask what food you can have, then you can name brands of burgers/sausages that dont contain gluten. They may buy them instead – WIN WIN!

Make sure to ask what other food will be cooked on the BBQ or ask if they could cook the gluten free things first. This way you just need to bring the bun with you.


I have done this a few times, I will make a salad or any sort of party food to take along with me. This way you look like a amazing guest but you also know for a fact you will be able to eat something! Just make sure you either have first dibs or keep away from other food and make sure there is plenty of serving spoons! You dont want someone to use another spoon to dish your food up.

This is one of the easiest ways when you are a plus one.


  • Schar Gluten Free White Rolls
  • Popchips
  • ASDA Extra Special 4 New York Style Hot Dog Sausages

  • Corn on the cob
  • Genius white rolls

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